Trustlines Protocol

Relay servers The Relay Servers are an optional bridge between client apps and the Trustlines blockchain. Client library The clientlib is a Javascript library which makes it easy to build applications on top of the Trustlines Protocol since it encapsulates app client functionalities in a ready to use way. Validators By design, the Trustlines Blockchain needs validators. Releases Latest releases from the Trustlines Protocol stack. Trustlines Blockchain The Trustlines Blockchain is a minimal viable Proof-of-Stake (mPoS) Ethereum sidechain.
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About the Trustlines Protocol category 1 12 February 2020
Trustlines Developer Docs

At the Trustlines Developer Docs site you can find all kind of technical documentation about Trustlines as well as code related documentation. Trustlines Blockchain The Trustlines Blockchain is a minimal viable Proof-of…

2 17 February 2020
Currency networks on Trustlines 1 25 February 2020
Trustlines Validator Spotlight: Deep dive on rewards, economics and opportunities for validators 1 17 February 2020
Become a Trustlines Validator Candidate using Proof-of-Sociality 1 17 February 2020
Validator Update: Preparations for Trustlines Blockchain launch & Laika Testnet Invitation 1 17 February 2020
Introducing the Trustlines Blockchain 1 17 February 2020
Contracts version 1.1.0 released 1 16 February 2020
Contracts version 1.0.0 released 1 29 December 2019
Status update and the first proposed hard fork 1 5 December 2019
Reminder to inactive validators, launch recap, upcoming 1st hard fork proposal 1 24 November 2019
Set up your validator nodes for the tlbc launch on Nov 21! 1 13 November 2019
Relay Version 0.10.0 released 1 6 November 2019
Client library Version 0.10.0 released 1 4 November 2019
Contract-deploy-tools version 0.7.0 released 1 3 November 2019