All you need to know as a validator after an auction

The second validator period will kick off on block 3328800 . That should be happening around the 8th of July, 2020 .

The auction was a success, and we now have a new validator set that consists of 26 slots. This new set will replace the old set at the block height mentioned above . All the new validators should have their nodes up and running before the fork block is reached.

There’s a quickstart script for new validators to get started with their node. Those already running a node as a part of the current validator set will only need to update their nodes . The watchtower component allows auto-updates for those that have them enabled; others will need to do a manual update. Again, all the new validators should be ready to start sealing blocks as soon as the fork takes place . If you’re not set up in time, you might lose out on block rewards, and the block times on TLBC can increase.

Getting started as a validator is easy

We want to urge everyone to get ready; it’s really easy. There is a quickstart script that will install and start all the necessary components for you . The script guides you along the way during the setup, and you’ll be ready to go.

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