Announcing the Trustlines Network Token (TLN) Merkle drop

Transaction fees on the Trustlines Blockchain will be paid in the blockchain’s native coin: the Trustlines Network Coin (TLC). A Merkle drop on Ethereum will distribute Trustlines Network Tokens (TLN), which can be converted into TLC using a token bridge. The Merkle drop is used as a tool to:

  • Reward early contributors, e.g. validators, testers, developers and others,
  • Target potential stakeholders of the Trustlines Network, e.g. individuals/ projects aligned with the mission of Trustlines, who may turn into users of the Trustlines technology stack,
  • Make TLC available to a wide audience consisting of addresses and individuals from within the crypto and community currency ecosystems by providing them with TLN that they can convert into TLC via the bridge.

TLN won’t be pushed onto accounts, but will instead have to be claimed from the Merkle drop smart contract. To increase your chances of being eligible for the Merkle drop you can send an Ethereum address you have ownership over to @TrustlinesFound on Twitter.

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