Forking the Laika testnet

The Laika testnet will fork on Tue 24th, CET 11:59 AM. Currently, the testnet isn’t usable due to inactive validators. There’s also a shift in the logic of the need for a testnet.

In its current state, Laika does not represent a similar environment with the Trustlines Blockchain. This is due to there now only being 6 out of 23 validators still validating new blocks. This has led to a situation where there is no longer finality and, thus, a testnet where people could do some actual testing. Some have switched over to experimenting on the Trustlines Blockchain, but there’s still use for a testnet.

You can find the full post at Trustlines Blog.

Due to the somewhat unpredictable conditions of the Laika testnet, the fork seems to be delayed by about 32 hours at the moment. We would like to ask all current validators running their nodes on the Laika testnet, to still keep their nodes running until the fork has happened.