Governance model for the Trustlines Blockchain

Before the Trustlines Blockchain launch, the governance model has been described as a greenfield governance experiment.

Since the launch, the model has been so that the Trustlines Foundation proposes changes. The validators choose to approve and implement the changes or reject them. One example of this has been removing the inactive validators from the set. And another one was to change the validator set from the first one to the second one.

We would like to ask the community to propose possible alternatives on what kind of a governance model they would see as a fit for Trustlines.

There will be more proposals for future changes. And some might include even controversial ones, like a possible block reward reduction.

As mentioned in the Community Communication Guide

The Foundation doesn’t

  • Own the Trustlines Network ecosystem!

In preparation for such possible changes, we kindly ask you, the community, to give your input on this matter.


I like Livepeer’s governance roadmap. Similar to the EIP process, there’s an LIP process. Initially handled by the core team. Next step could be a non-binding TLC vote on-chain.


While reading Radical Markets, I became fascinated about quadratic voting. I would love to see QV implemented in the coming governance model.