Monthly Community Call with an AMA session


To increase our engagement with the community, we will do regular community calls with AMA sessions. These calls will take place monthly, on the second Friday of the month, and be livestreamed to our YouTube channel.

The community calls will touch on what has been happening in the ecosystem. We’ll go over what is currently worked on and what does the future hold in the near-term. All community calls will also have an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session where the team members will answer questions from the community.

A post will be created here, at the Trustlines Forum, for each call for people to post their questions. They will then be answered during the livestream. A record of the livestream will be available on the YouTube channel after the call for those who miss it.

The first call for August will take place this Friday, 14th of August, at 4 pm CEST / 10 am EST / 7 am PST / 11 pm JST.

Please post your questions for this first call right here in this thread, or join us for the livestream!

We look forward to telling more of what we’re working on for Trustlines and answering any questions you might have!

Link to livestream


Hi! I’d like to know how we can provide TLN liquidity with our TLC.

a) Are there plans to make a TLC --> TLN bridge?
b) Are there efforts being made to drive TLC usefulness? ie. for it to be actually used, not just capable of being used.

Currently only TLN has any value because it can be used in these ways:

  1. staking to be a Trustlines validator
  2. trading for Ether or other Ethereum tokens
  3. converting into TLC

As far as I can tell, TLC cannot be traded in any sort of trust-minimalized way.


Hello, everyone! Nice to see you! Tell us how the remaining +69m TLN-TLC tokens will be distributed.


Thank you for everyone who posted questions for the first Trustlines Community Call and Griff for joining us!

The recording is available at the Trustlines YouTube channel!