The third Trustlines validator auction!

The process for whitelisting addresses for the third validator auction for the Trustlines Blockchain is underway!

The deadline for submitting an email address will be announced here at a later date.

The whitelisting process took place successfully and the third auction is underway.

Process summary

  1. Send a DM to @tl_validator Twitter account with your email address
  2. The collection of email addresses ends at 23:50 PM CET on Tuesday the 9th of February
  3. A check of Proof of Sociality is performed
  4. If you are in the Proof of Sociality pool, you will get an email
  5. The email will have a link to a survey where you will be able to provide your Ethereum address
  6. The submitted Ethereum addresses then get compiled into a list. This list will be the whitelist and will allow you to bid in the validator auction


As with the first two validator auctions, a “Proof of Sociality ” will be a requirement for getting included in the whitelist. Anyone can send their email address, but only the Twitter accounts in the Proof of Sociality list will become Trustlines Validator Candidates.

Those in the Proof of Sociality pool that send their email address to the @tl_validator Twitter account will receive an email once the Ethereum address collection phase starts. In this email, you will have a link where you can then provide your Ethereum address. Your Ethereum address will not be linked to your email address.

If you’re unsure about being included, send your email address. You will receive an email if you are a Trustlines Validator Candidate and can get whitelisted!

Providing an address for the whitelist

The Trustlines Validator Candidates will receive an email with the link and instructions to provide their Ethereum address for the whitelist. Before this, only your email address is needed. Only one Ethereum address per email address is allowed to be submitted. This Ethereum address should be an address that you want to use for bidding in the auction.

Auction deposit currency

For this auction, similarly to the second auction, TLN, Trustlines Network Tokens, will be used for bidding to gain a validator slot.

For acquiring TLN, you can check if your address is included in our Merkle Drop. Another way would be to get TLN via UniSwap.

More details to follow soon

We will be sharing more details regarding the third validator auction soon. Right now, go and start the process by DM’ing your email address to the @tl_validator Twitter account! You can also read more about the second auction in our Summary and results of the second Trustlines validator auction blog post.

To further keep up with the developments of Trustlines, check out the Trustlines Blog, the Trustlines Docs, and follow the Trustlines Foundation at Twitter.

Disclaimer: The Trustlines Network community is not obligated to follow this proposition of the Trustlines Foundation

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Those who passed the Proof-of-Sociality check were sent emails for anonymously submitting their addresses for the whitelist. The deadline was on Sunday the 28th and there were a total of 59 addresses added to the whitelist.

The auction will launch soon, more details will be posted at the Trustlines Blog shortly.

The third Trustlines validator auction has started! :tada:

A total of 59 addresses are whitelisted for this auction. Thanks to everyone that has participated so far. Now get ready to bid for your validator slot!