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The Trustlines Protocol

The Trustlines Protocol represents an open-source set of rules, processes, and definitions forged into deployable code, which aims to enable mapping trust-based relationships onto trustless infrastructure. The Trustlines Protocol implementation includes these components used to calculate paths and store transactions:

The smart contract system , deployed on the Trustlines Blockchain which is a mPoS (minimal viable Proof of Stake) sidechain to Ethereum and stores transactions.

The relay servers , which calculates the optimal paths and relay the transactions sent by applications they are connected to.

The client library , a high-level API, which enables applications to interact with the smart contract system on the blockchain via the relay servers.

You can check out the codebase by visiting Trustlines Protocol at GitHub.

To learn more about the Trustlines Protocol, check out the Trustlines 101 and the Trustlines Developer Docs site.