Contracts version 1.1.0 released

This release changes the identity contracts.
The currency network contracts are unchanged.

  • Add timeLimit, operationType, and feeRecipient to signature of executeTransaction (BREAKING)
  • Add chainId to constructor of identityProxyFactory used by identities to verify the chainId of meta-tx (BREAKING)
  • Add version to identity contract used to verify the version of meta-tx (BREAKING)
  • Add function execute() in identity to execute a transaction from the owner without having to check a signature and account for fees
  • Add function cancelTransaction(txHash) in identity to invalidate meta-transactions with hash txHash
  • Add mechanism to accept every nonce > 2**255 to allow for replaying transactions that would otherwise have the same hash
  • Update validateNonce() in identity to also validate if the hash was used
  • Update signature of executeTransaction in identity: replaced fees with baseFee, gasPrice, and gasLimit (BREAKING)
  • Update to match new executeTransaction signature (BREAKING)
  • Rename FeesPaid event of identity to FeePayment (BREAKING)