Should the Trustlines Network move onto Gnosis Chain?

A new proposal has been posted regarding migrating the Trustlines Network onto the Gnosis Chain (formerly known as xDai.)

Medium to long term, we’re hoping that this could be a first step towards unifying all Ethereum social graph projects on one technologically and economically interoperable protocol.

The proposal requests funding from the Gnosis DAO to move forward with this migration.

We think that our & Circles communities align well with similar interests in alternative currencies. Having both projects on the same chain could spark exciting collaborations.

We hope you join us in supporting this proposal! Let us and the Gnosis DAO community know what you think!

The proposal for Trustlines Network to migrate to the Gnosis Chain has now moved onto Phase 3!

You can now vote on the proposal at the GnosisDAO Snapshot platform using GNO!

We hope you participate in the ballot. The vote will run for 7 days!