Undercollateralized DEFI meetup during ETHCC

The Undercollaterlized DEFI people will be organizing a meetup during the Paris Blockchain week.

In its current state, Decentralized Finance (DEFI) is great, but - due to its overcollateralized nature - can’t serve all credit use cases and everyone in need of financing.

Solving this conundrum will need to involve trust, identity and potentially novel forms of financial protocols.

There’s no silver bullet, but we’ll have talks and discussions around concepts and potential solutions that bring us closer to undercollateralized DEFI.

Come join us at the meetup to hear more and discuss Trustlines!

Now also listed at the France Blockchain Week events list!


Great. I will definitely be there.


Awesome, remember to register as there’s already been tens of registrations! :slight_smile:

Did that a long time ago :wink: